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Our principles

Saturday afternoon finally i come to visit the Videogame Mecca and i can confirm that (...) Mecca is not a museum. I mean it's not only a museum, but definitely something more. It's the passion of people who really love what they do, because it's part of their own dna, and they love to share it with other folks, in form of videogame history and culture. It's clear that Mecca is a small reality, but its essence is something strong, something deep inside any real videogame fanatic and surely meant to grow up, day after day, thanks to affection and passion assured by real videogames lovers”.

Museum philosophy is well represented by this message left on our Facebook page by one of our visitors. We appreciate his thinking and we would like to analyze some key words he used:


Our primary objective is to create an atmosphere where our visitors can breathe PASSION. Without this component the "adventure" will have not either started.


That's the museum second objective. Any collection is kept together by great passion and patience during the search for all the necessary items but is reserved, private, restricted to only some intimate eyes. A "classic" museum is accesible to everyone and surely more complete, but in the meantime cold, impersonal, identified by a poor, if not absent, interaction with the showfloor or other visitors. And you have to pay for entrance. Our museum aim to coniugate positive aspects from any of these two visions: passion and research from private collecting merged with accessibility and divulgation typical of museum. Sharing is one of the cardinal value and that's why yhe entrance will always be free of charge.


Like in a classic museum any items presented on the showfloor is catalouged with extreme care and precision. In some cases you could find some irony, here and there, but we care our visotors can understand that videogames share key positions in a which created tgruly pieces of art.

Little spaces, great emotions

We are not born with the idea to create the biggest videogame museum of all time but we prefer to do good things, little by little. We don't chase the glory in a great city but we prefer to meet the real amateur, the one who don't care if there is a decorated ushet at the door but after he walks in through our door can feel himself as part of something, ad he was at home. Here you will find games boxes smell, cigarettes burns on coin-op buttons, some non working cable, some wrinkled mags, just as you would expect to find in the places where this culture originated. Probably a nerdish setup in some way but definitely part of the culture that let us grow up so passionate. And if you think about it, our memories about games are strictly bond to little spaces...balanced by far more great emotional sensations, from our thousand lived lives.


The structure is similar to the one you will find into any videogame. the one you will visit is the first level, and many others will follow. We care to grow up and better so we will give a little present to all visitor that will help us, writing down their ideas about how to make our museum a better one. We will look forward to receive all your comments. Stay tuned!

And if you have arrived here you can't not read: 

History of a little display case”

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