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Eat together!

Booking in advance (and receiving our confirmation by mail or though facebook page) you can eat with us, in a completely free form, until we have sitting places. We will meet in front of the Mecca building at 12 and we will reach together the founder house (about 5 minutes from Mecca).
We don't ask nothing in exchange. We only ask your help to make other people visit more easy. How? Using a sort of car sharing system. If you will tell us from where you come to visit us and how many free seats you have in your car, we can indicate to you the contacts of other visitor, so ypu can come to the museum easily together. Easy, no? If you like to bring something special to eat, specially done with your hands, it will be really appreciated!
In case you have particular food intolerances (non severe ones, like celiac disease) let us know and we will try to help you.


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