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Videogames Mecca

The first videogames museum in Italy

L'insegna della Mecca in tutto il suo splendore

Mecca is the first permanent museum open to the public, which you can visit totally for free and above all indipendent.
Besides showing to its visitors curious pieces, historical and rare items, it was born to be a place of human interaction and entertainment, provinding the chance to play with different consoles from the past and various coin-ops, the mighty arcade cabinets, free naturally!
Mecca also represents chances of meeting and exchange of views for fans of videogames or people who have been always intrigued by them but never gone deep inside. During each visit you can exchange advices, info, memopries and emotions with other visitors; moreover there will be theme events, lunches (or dinners) between followers, during which we can speak about our myths in a easy and direct way, having the possibility to become friends in front of a beer or, more easily, eating some specialties of Liguria, our beautiful region.

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